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The Road Association of Serbia "Via-Vita"

The Road Association of Serbia "Via-vita”, is one of the legal successors of the former Road Association, originating in 1934. It was founded at the Faculty of Engineering (University of Belgrade) by prominent experts, engineers, professors, and managers in the road sector at that time. The Founding Assembly was held on May 17th 1934 in Belgrade, and was immediately followed by an initiative to establish individual Road Associations in provinces called “banovinas” and major cities throughout the country. The first professional journal published by the Road Association was called “Glasnik” (“Herald”).

The initial steps in organizing and establishing the activities of the Road Association of Serbia took place from 1934 to 1940, thereby providing an incentive to found individual Road Associations in remaining banovinas and major cities. The aim was to conjoin this Association with associations of neighboring countries and the international road organizations, which was intended to monitor and review all technical issues related to the development and modernization of the road network, as well as the improvement and specialization of professional staff in the field of road design, construction and maintenance. The management of the Association had a particular task to provide financial resources for regular activities of the Association, including the printing and publishing of the journal “Glasnik”. The funds were provided mainly through membership fees, advertisements published in the journal and donations of all interested organizations and individuals.

The Road Association of Serbia was providing suggestions and comments on legislative acts, regulations and standards. Regular sessions of the Assembly were held every year, while the congresses, lectures and exhibitions on contemporary issues and topics were held biennially. Cooperation with international road organizations was given a special attention, particularly with “Permanent International Association of Road Congresses” established in Paris (in 1934, this association marked 20 years of existence) and Organization of road associations in neighboring countries (Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece and Romania).

After World War II, the activities of the Road Association of Serbia "Via-vita” resumed on May 17th 1953 at the Assembly held in Belgrade. Mr. Radojica Jaukovic, a civil engineer and the then director of the Road Directorate of Serbia was elected chairman of the Association. Following that meeting, the publication of journal was reactivated, under the name “Put i saobracaj” (Road & Transport). The annual meetings have been held regularly thereafter. The Association participated in the enactment of all regulations and norms concerning the road sector. Teams of experts who initiated the activities of Association have implemented their ideas methodologically, particularly in collaboration with IRF, AIPCR and other international organizations worldwide. The Road Association of Serbia was a regular and active participant in the Union of Yugoslav Road Associations.

Faculty of Civil Engineering, University Of Belgrade

Dating from 1846, the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University Of Belgrade is the oldest and the largest institution for higher education and research in the field of civil engineering and geodesy in Serbia and in former Yugoslavia. Our former students have accomplished many significant successes in designing and building all sorts of construction projects both in the country and abroad, many of which are the construction projects of the highest degree.

The Faculty covers all three study levels of higher education in Serbia by offering seven study programs with one of them being presented in English. The main objective of the Faculty is to improve the teaching process and research activities conducted in cooperation with both national and international subjects. In order to achieve the highest educational standards, our teaching staff is committed to permanent learning and self improvement, while putting our students in the center of that process.

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