24 - 26. May 2023. / Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia


Hotel "Fontana"
Cara Dusana 2
36210 Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia

Hotel FONTANA was completely renovated in 2018 and was categorized with four stars. The Hotel has 212 accommodation units.

(not included in a meeting fee)

double room ...
5.200 RSD / per person

single room ... 9.600 RSD / per person





Known from antiquity as the favorite destination of aristocracy, Vrnjacka Banja (eng. Vrnjacka spa) is a health resort in the heart of Serbia, popular nowadays for its springs of water with healthy features.

Vrnjačka Banja was named after the village of Vrnjci where mineral springs were first discovered. It is located in Central Serbia, 200 kilometers south from the city of Belgrade, at forested slopes of mountain Goč and in valleys of the Vrnjačka river and the Lipovačka river.

It has mild continental climate, and it has seven mineral springs, four of which are used for balneological therapy. History says that these mineral springs were discovered in ancient history at the time when this area was populated by the Celtic tribe Scordisci.

Based on archaeological findings, we can say that these springs were used in ancient times and at hot mineral spring in Vrnjačka Banja Romans built the health resort Aquae Orcinae, visited both by legionnaires and aristocracy. The remains of antique pools and terms are preserved to this day.

According to a legend, its healing powers were well known to the Turks as well, as it is known that Turkish “sipahi” came here looking for a piece of heaven. Local people covered the springs with dirt attempting to hide them.

The modern history of Vrnjačka Banja begins in 1868, when Pavle Mutavdžić, the district chief in Kruševac of the time, formed an appropriate Constitutive association together with some other people of high reputation.

They bought land, ground catchment was performed, a pool was built, and drinking fountains of hot and cold water were set.

In 1883 state ownership was declared, and the inaugural season was opened by the Serbian Prince Mihailo (1867) when the spa became an elite summer resort.

Hot and cold mineral springs, helped by modern medicine, are used for treatment of diseases of the digestive system, diabetes, kidney diseases and urinary tract diseases, cardio vascular diseases and many more. Mineral waters from Vrnjačka Banja are also recommended to healthy people due to their curative effects.

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